Mural Paintings and Art addressing Culture and Social Issues

The Mural Paintings and Art of Hector H Hernandez is a place to exhibit, promote and create culture and art through different formats. Mural painting and mural creation is the ideal avenue to achieve the goal of culture promotion and the creation of art.

Art and Culture Services is the forum through which mural activities and cultural programs are designed and implemented.

In addition to providing artistic activities in mural creation and fine art, Art and Culture Services is interested in promoting cultural activities and understanding through the teaching and lecturing of art history, cultural competency, and other cultural aspects such as language and interpretation services.

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October, 2007

Video Interview

Hector Hernandez discusses mural projecs and his work with students in these video interviews with Roxi De La Torre and Delia Hernandez.

May 16-18, 2006

Successful International Mural Painting Encounter in Mexico City

"This gathering, one of the only global convenings of its kind ever assembled, brought together nearly 200 mural arts practitioners and community activists, government officials, creative consultants, journalists, scholars, and youth leaders from different parts of the world." *

Professor Isaka Shamsud-Din from Portland State University and Hector H. Hernandez were invited to present an overview of the latest in mural activities in the Pacific Northwest.

Professor Shamsud-Din presented a session titled "The Artist and the Community", while Hernandez offered a presentation about the "Politics of Mural Painting". *

The Diego Rivera Foundation, A. C. in collaboration with SPARK (CA), The Philadelphia Mural Art Program, Arte Publico Press and Mauer Kunst Consulting organized this event as the first of its kind internationally.

"The mural Painting Encounter was recognized as a space of confluence for artists and specialists in mural painting and art, from so many countries as: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Canada, EUA, France, England, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay, that met to share their work, concepts and new forms of approach to mural painting including, in first instance, the new technologies applied to this artistic expression.

"For more information about this event, future activities, and the "Declaracion de Coyoacan" that emerged from this encounter go to the document prepared by the Fundacion Diego Rivera at:

* Mural Painting Encounter


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