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Exhibitions and Articles



Beaverton Mural Dedication.
Beaverton Arts Commission.
Mural Program.



2009. 2009-2010 Quater News Letter.
December 09.
Latest mural at Wilsonville visitors center.
"The third installation of Hector Hernandez' mural took place......".
WACC Newsletter.



2008. Wisonville's 9th Annual Festival of the Arts.
The Art of Story Telling.
The second phase of a Wilsonville History Mural project finds its home this week. Wilsonville Spokesman.


2007. Wisonville's 8th Annual Festival of the Arts.
Art on the town. June 2nd & 3rd, 2007
Help Hector create a Public Mural
Wilsonville Spokesman.



2005 One man exhibition "Hector H Hernandez Retrospective"
Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center
Hillsboro, Oregon

2004 Group Exhibition "Arte Vivo"
Belinki & Dupery Gallery.
Portland OR, October-November, 2004

2002 Group Exhibition
"Dia de los Muertos Ayer y Hoy "
IFCC Cultural Center.
Portland OR, November, 2002

2002 Solo Exhibition "Retrospective"
IFCC Cultural Center.
Portland OR, April, 2002


2001 Group exhibition "Dia de los Muertos"
Jacobs Gallery, Hult Center.
Eugene Ore, Nov, 2001

1999 Master of Fine Arts Show of Hector H Hernandez
University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.

1998 Group exhibition in Cultural Perspectives
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Ore.

1997 Group exhibition. Día de los Muertos Exhibition
Maude Kerns Gallery
Eugene, Ore.

1995 Group exhibition. Latino Artists
Corvallis Art Center Gallery
Corvallis, Ore.

1993 One person exhibition. Casa de la Cultura
Cozumel, Mexico

1991 Group exhibition of foreign painters.
Soshigaya Ruigakusei Kaikan
Tokyo, Japan

1991 Group exhibition of Mexican prints.
Kyoto, Japan


1988 Group exhibition in Sembido Gallery
Tomakkomai, Japan

1988 One person exhibition in the NTT Gallery
Tomakkomai, Hokkaido, Japan


1987 Group exhibition "Fourth Centuries of Guadalupe Images"
Centro Cultural Arte Contemporáneo
Mexico City



ArticleS and Publications



Portland Walls. In Celebration of Local Murals.
Robin Dunitz
RJD Enterprises, Portland OR. 2009.
(See book and feature preview)



Mural Art. Vol 2
Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe l'oeil.

Kiriakos Iosifidis
Publikat, Athenes, Greece. 2009.
Carpe Diem.
Publikat, Germany(See book and feature preview)


Mural Art.
Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe l'oeil.

Kiriakos Iosifidis
Publikat, Athenes, Greece. 2008.
Carpe Diem.
(See feature preview)
Publikat, Germany(See book preview)



Wilsonville Spokesman.
September 10, 2008.
The Art of Story Telling.
The second phase of a Wilsonville History Mural project finds its home this week.



The Scene.
Summer 08
Willamette University.
Cultivating Hope


The Bulletin
Association of College Unions International .
March 08
Mural, mural on the wall.
Oregon State University, Memorial Union.

Artistas Jovenes
KUNP-TV Delia Hernandez reporting about Young Artist
Mural Project at Woodburn Academy of International Studies.
October, 23, 2007

"Muralismo" TV interview in Spanish
KUNPTV "En Comunidad"
Roxi de la Torre Interviewing Mural Painter Hector H Hernandez MA, MFA.
October, 23, 2007.


Intersections of Art Culture and Social Justice.
By Maileen Hamto
Colors of Influence
August 2007.




"It's a dream come true"
By Thelma Guerrero.
"Hector Hernandez owner of Art and Culture Svcs paints a mural at Colonia Amistad on Thursday"
Statesman Journal, Salem.
Saturday, September 8, 2007.


An Eyeful of History
by Kurt Kipp.
Visitors and residents can now see Wilsonville's history through the eyes of an artist.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007.

Pictures of a city
A community mural highlights what's new at this year's Art on the Town festival.
by Kurt Kipp
Wilsonville Spokesman
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Art as a weapon of intellectual stimulation
El Hispanic News
September 7, 2006
Arte como un arma de estimulacion intelectual (English and Spanish versions)

Painting on the New Housing Complex
Statesman Journal

Children's mural tells their families' story
August 12, 2005 •• 226 words •• ID: sal2005081213257078

Their painting on the new housing complex illustrates farm workers BY GABRIELA RICO Statesman Journal A man and a woman kneel in Oregon fields. Above them, a group of children raise their hands and release butterflies into the wind. These images, emblazoned on the side of Salem's first year-round farm worker-housing complex, carry much meaning to the artists. "The butterflies are like migrants; they move a lot," said Carolina Ceja, 13

Hector H. Hernandez Presented by: Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center
September 6, 2005 to September 29, 2005

Cultural Arts Center presents an exhibition of paintings and prints by area muralist Hector H. Hernandez in the main gallery and paintings by Linda Jerome and Michael Orwick in the B galleries. Opening reception Tuesday September 6th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Exhibition runs from September 6-30, 2005. Hector H. Hernandez will exhibit a selection of large scale paintings and drawings as well as small scale prints which convey a feeling of optimism within continuous struggle to improve the world we live in. Hernandez works on murals, portraits and landscapes. "My inspiration comes from people who want to see a painting or a mural that reflects their culture and ideals. When I paint, I choose themes that are related to culture, landscapes and the human figure," he said. In fact, his works represent various themes including, diversity and celebrating one's culture. "My work carries out the message of celebrating our cultural heritage and the diversity that exists in today's society. This is done by delivering a positive message and using one's education like an instrument of transformation," he added. In addition to painting, Hernandez is the Hispanic Programs Coordinator for the Oregon Pacific Area Health Education Center at Oregon State University. "We implement programs designed to improve the health status of citizens, increase the supply and distribution of health care professionals, as well as providing outreach to promote health care resources to providers and residents in eight rural communities of northwest Oregon.

Interfaith service focuses on 'Joining Hands'
Thursday, November 17, 2005

Muralist Hector H. Hernandez' painting, "Nesting Dreams," will provide the theme for the 2005 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service.

See article at Oregonlive

The English Language Institute
Alumni Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1 Summer 2002

Hector Hernandez (Mexico), ELI student summer of 1995: earned an MIS degree from OSU. Hector is currently the Hispanic Programs Coordinator for Oregon Pacific AHEC. He has his own art and culture business. Hector painted the mural in the background, in La Raza Conference Room of the OSU Memorial Union.

Oye Tú Newsletter
Name: Hector H. Hernandez
Residence: Portland-Salem, OR
Occupation: Coordinator of Hispanic Programs, Center of Education of the Health of the Area of the Pacific de Oregon, Oregon State University/Artist

Hector H. Hernandez development the interest in art to very early age. Growing, it spent long time doing what he enjoys more: to draw. He remembers to gain many aids of drawings in which he participated while he was in the elementary school. Now, its work represents several subjects including, diversity and celebrating the one culture. "My work transmits the messages of celebration of our cultural inheritance and the diversity that exists in the society of now. This this fact to give a positive message and using the education of one like a transformation instrument, "he added.

It works in murals, pictures and landscapes. Some of their works can be seen in the Oregon State University and Portland Community College. "My inspiration comes from the people whom they love to see a painting or a mural that reflects its culture and ideals. When I paint, I choose subjects that are related to the culture, landscapes and human figures, "said he. When I asked as it was its favorite painting, of his works, he said, "I like the mural that I paint for the OSU or the one that paints for the PCC. It is difficult to say as I like more so that each painting represents something very special for my." Their favorite painters are Siqueiros, Orozo, Arnold Belkin, Velasquez, Dali and Van Gogh.

In agreement with Hernandez which he enjoys more to paint it is the opportunity that it has to meditate. "the painting helps me to meditate on many implications that a subject can have and the form that takes on the linen cloth," said he. To him it would like that its work takes to a message and feeling of optimism and a continuous fight to improve the world in which we lived. Their greater inspiration in the life has been their parents, friends and professors.

Besides to paint, Hernandez is the Coordinator of Programs for Hispanic for the Center of Education of the Health of the Area of the Pacific de Oregon of the Oregon State University. "We implemented designed programs to improve status of the health of the citizens, to increase to the provisions and distribution of the professional care of the health, as much as to offer the reach to promote the resources of the care of the health for suppliers and residents in eight rural communities of the northwest of Oregon."

Oye Tú Entertainment Profiles Archives

Oye Tú Entertainment Archives


Mural Honors Latino Cultural Heritage
News-Register, McMinville, Oregon.
September, 2002

"The Yamhill County, youth from REAL, a Latino Leadership group, have completed a mural project under the guidance of muralist Hector H. Hernandez"

"The Oregon Historical Society and a partnership between the McMinville Public Library and Newberg-Dundee Youth Outreach Service made the project possible."

Good communication polyglot magazine.

November, 1992

"This painting (Mexico City earthquake, 1985) was created before the the big earthquake in Mexico, and repainted as we show you here. The motif is the social and national changes of the epoch, and the new human being is emerging from the ruins."

Fushigi no kuni Nippon
Japan, country of wonders
TV Interview Program.
'Fuji Television, Tokyo Japan'

April 2nd, 1992